A day well spent

I was playing cricket and a friend of mine asked me “will you come cycling tommorow”??. I said yes. Don’t tell this to anyone else, he urged. Okay, I replied. I always like to spend time with minimum number of people doing anything. At night I am made aware that the plan is not between […]

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A Dream

  Ever had a dream so beautiful, so gorgeous, so captivating that you wished you never woke up?? Ever saw something so something so beautiful, you thought you never wake up?? Ever met or witnessed a situation so good in a dream that you wished you never woke up?? Have you ever seen a person, […]

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Indian Daily Soap Rant

Dude, I got some spoilers of new episode of GAME OF THRONES. Be scared. If you give me a hard time, you are done. I dont watch GOT man. You can’t threaten me. What?? No GOT? Ah , Narcos fan ha?? No Breaking bad, walking dead, which one?? No mate, i don’t watch any of […]

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Game of Graphics

Hi boys and girls. Youngest blogger the movie Hunter here. Just look at these images form the intro of this movie. You know its gonna be one hell of a movie right. The great game of graphics or Lord of the games or something like that. Breathtaking visual treat awaits you at the distance of […]

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Movierant Review

Two months. Two months of these nonsensical, idiotic, funny, sarcastic and awesome blogging. Two months of love. Few days of hate. Two months of experiments, ups and downs, change of styles, gradually increasing followers and consequently gradually increasing confidence for doing this childish thing for years to come. But most importantly, two years of constant […]

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Personal Blog 3

Hi boys and girls. The ordinary reviewer here. Oh..My..God. So many ups and down in these 20 odd days. So many things to share and excitement to bear. Without further ado, let’s get started. First of all, lets embrace each other as tommorow, we will be completing 2 months of Movierant. I know I said […]

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