Father: The forgotten hero!

Hi boys and girls. A peaceful terrorist here. I remember once hearing a conversation between two men. One a normal working adult and other a noble, pious and virtuous aged soul who worked all his life for the better of others. The man asked the aged being that who has a right on me the […]

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Embrace the hate

Hi boys and girls. Sexy Pepsi can here. So this is a personal blog starting with a meme. I have lost my entire sense of blogging considering the laying stones that consistute the very foundation of the “so called best blogging site MOVIERANT” which is so called just by me are going hay wire nowadays. […]

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Bigg Loss

Hi boys and girls. Juicy, slimy and bitter as duck the last piece of bitter melon here. So…long time no post right?? Actually…I was in my hibernation chamber this time. Away from desires, away from wants and most importantly, away from humans. Because if you know any human you surely know that humans suck. But […]

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Just Another Promise

  Hi boys and girls. The magnificent, eloquent, confident, intelligent and different Ordinary Reviewer here. October 19, 2017…the day I posted my last blog post named (Personal blog 5) which was basically a terrible post about a terrible video. November 24, 2017…the day someone sensed that I haven’t posted in a long time and reminded […]

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Personal Blog 5

Hi boys and girls. The Ordinary Reviewer here. ***THOSE SAYING THAT THE ORDINARY REVIEWER IS INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING ANYMORE RANTS NOW WILL GET A FITTING REPLY THIS TIME*** Terrible It is the only word I can use to describe the last week of my life. People behaving like class A qualified buttholes with me, I […]

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Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

She had a fight with a very good friend today. He said to her “you don’t give me any time. We don’t chat, we don’t talk on calls and we don’t meet. I think you don’t value our friendship anymore. So it will be better if we break that bond entirely. Bye”. It took a […]

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Today, I am very angry. Angry not because of today but this anger has accumulated over the past few days and is finally being personified today in the form of my glorious blog post. When I used to get angry before starting this blog or I felt upset, I used to lock myself in a […]

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