Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

She had a fight with a very good friend today. He said to her “you don’t give me any time. We don’t chat, we don’t talk on calls and we don’t meet. I think you don’t value our friendship anymore. So it will be better if we break that bond entirely. Bye”. It took a […]

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Today, I am very angry. Angry not because of today but this anger has accumulated over the past few days and is finally being personified today in the form of my glorious blog post. When I used to get angry before starting this blog or I felt upset, I used to lock myself in a […]

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Why is it in this world full of learned men and women, fake people claiming divinity have millions of followers? Why do such people enjoy every bit of fame and luxury in amounts unimaginable till the time they are exposed? Why is it that when someone asks another person to “Say the truth”, he expects […]

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Haseena Parkour

Post: Shraddha kapoor (Know Your Superstar) 21/7/17 Shraddha Kapoor Hi boys and girls. Indian gangster here. ****BORING BACKGROUND STORY****** Haseena Parkar. This is, ohh, I am sorry, this “was” the only Shraddha kapoor film that was truly anticipated by me since it’s first trailer came out in July, 2017. I mean the trailer was too […]

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Fort trip cum horror movie

It is no secret that I am a movie enthusiast. Well if you still doubt that after reading my breathtaking, amazing and award winning (**future award winning) posts then you maybe absolutely freaking sane person with a job who doesn’t has time to read such crap. What? You were expecting a mean joke right?? Well […]

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Personal Blog 4

My dear elders, brothers and sisters and friends. I am Mark. Those of you who don’t know me have no taste in sarcasm, comedy, or find no enjoyment in reading and certainly have no clue about this blog. Anyways, we have gathered here today to mourn a legendary blogger that is not with us anymore. […]

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Fair Use??

As many of my regular viewers may already be knowing that I have not made this blog very “public” as such and I don’t promote it as much as I should. But I do make it reach some of my good friends and their response matters a lot to me. So recently a friend of […]

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