Introduction: Because I need one

Hi, ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls.

The Ordinary Reviewer here.

If you are surprised to see another movie review blog on this site(I dont know why you should be as there are tons of them), don’t be, I’m more surprised than you are that I’m doing this finally.

So let me start off with an introduction to this blog. If you are a hardcore movie critic,or in search of some detailed and professional reviews regarding some movie that you are planning to watch next, this is probably not the best place for ya. But if are one of those who likes a bit of light jokes about the plot and storylines or the movie as a whole, well, look no further, you are where you should be.

This is the place where I express my thoughts about a movie in the best(funny), and most acceptable(sarcastic) way possible. Clarifying it again, I’m not a critic, I’m just another movie lover. Stay tuned for my posts.

Sorry for the prolix introduction, but that’s not the only thing I’ll apologize for. Many more to come.

See ya.


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