Leonardo Dicaprio

Introducing…a man from Hollywood….the man who for an Oscar died in the ice cold water where he could have survived easily….the man who for an Oscar shed his romantic image and became a corrupt stockbroker…the man who for an Oscar did a movie so confusing, that no man dead or alive could figure out its climax…the man who for an Oscar became a criminal, drug addict, did romantic movies, thriller movies, movies that people will never forget and movies that even he wants to forget (**cough**the basketball diaries**cough**)…the man who is an actor, producer, and an environmentalist…..the man who has everything but an Oscar…the legendary LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

*************Titanic sinks in the background**********************

Assistant: But Sir, he has already won an Oscar.
Me: How did he managed to do that?
Assistant: By sleeping inside a dead horse?
Me: A dead horse !!
Assistant : Yes Sir.
Me: Jesus Christ Man, Lots of dedication right there.

Leonardo DiCaprio or as Indians like to call “Hero of Titanic” is an actor of enormous caliber, a producer of great potential, and arguably (I said arguably) the most handsome environmentalist ever. Born on November 11, 1974 (see, people born in November are awesome, just like me) he started his film career at the age of 17 (when I was 17 I was learning how to use a log table) with Critters 3(which is a horror-comedy and deservingly a flop). Destiny wanted him to die in Titanic, so after gaining reputation with critically acclaimed performances in movies like Romeo and Juliet, he was offered a sacrificial role in Titanic. Titanic is a movie of a ship that couldn’t bear the burden of all rich people on it and on top of that a love story that gave relationship goals to every couple, and sunk, thus completing the ritual.

DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his pregnant mother was looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a museum when he first kicked. I wonder what would have been the situation if Leonardo was born a girl. After Titanic, the world recognized this amazing talent, girls all around the world wanted Jack as their boyfriend, and he became the first choice for movies like Gangs of New York (directed by Martin Scorsese), The Aviator(directed by Martin Scorsese), The wolf of wall street (directed by Martin Scorsese), Shutter Island (directed by Martin Scorsese) and The Audition (take a guess).

While his co-actors like Kate Winslet(who survived Titanic) were winning the Oscar, DiCaprio kept striving hard, doing a variety of movies, getting trolled on facebook, getting nominations every time and finally watching it go to a less deserving actor(compared to Dicaprio).

After years of losing to his contemporaries, Leo finally got his Academy award for Revenant, a movie in which he grunts, claws, sleeps inside a dead horse, eats raw fish, eats bison liver, is assaulted by a bear and sleeps in extreme freezing cold. All this was real without a shade of doubt and without a shade of acting and got Leonardo the much awaited Oscar for best “Actor” after which most of the trollers lost their minds and environmentalists their jobs as he dedicated his acceptance speech to environment. Also the movie was not directed by Martin Scorsese (just saying).

Apart from acting, Leonardo runs a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that supports Ocean Conservation and for that they sell t-shirts at 30$ each (well it’s cheap, with Leonardo’s name on a thing, you can sell it at 100$). Leonardo owns a house at Malibu beach bought at about 11 million dollars that has aromatherapy air, vitamin C showers and now, also an Oscar.

In conclusion, one Leonardo gave us Mona Lisa and other Leonardo gave us Titanic and we are thankful for Mona Lisa.

That’s all for this section. Comment any negative comments down below. Like if you enjoyed.





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