Shraddha Kapoor

Introducing…an actress who has been in only 12 movies in a career on seven years…an actress with only 3 movies with IMDB rating more than 6…an actress who managed to give a bad movie even with Amitabh Bachchan and R Madhavan in it…an actress whose career in professional acting was revived by Aashiqui 2…an actress who made her debut in 2010 but hasn’t managed to learn “acting” yet. Please say bye bye to your Umbrellas, do the rain dance and welcome the “Raining” Diva of Bollywood….SHRADDHA KAPOOR.

****Aashiqui 2 music playing in the background in rain*******

This is the last rain joke from my side. There will be no more. PROMISE.

Shraddha kapoor or as I like to call her “Beautiful”and her fans like to call her “Actress” was born on 3rd March 1987. She is a designer by passion, singer and lyricist by nature and an actress by mistake. Being a daughter of talented actor Shakti kapoor, who is known for doing extremely child friendly roles during his days, she was always inclined towards acting from a very young age and participated in a lot of dance competition with schoolmates Athiya Shetty and Tiger Shroff. This can be the best evidence of the age old saying” Birds of same feather, flock together”as all of them are such good “actors”.

Impressed by Shraddha kapoor’s performance in one of her school plays at the age of 16, Salman Khan offered her a film and….she denied. The reason for that was she considered herself studious and wanted to become a psychologist (or she believed that only dumb people become actors). Shraddha was trained as a classical singer from a very young age by her maternal grandfather and her mother(No doubt she is way better in singing than acting). But soon, Shraddha realized that she looks good, and by seeing the trends in Bollywood movies, that is all it took to become a good actor. So she jumped in the film industry with her debut film “Teen Patti” alongside (Amitabh Bachchan, R Madhavan, Ben Kingsley) and….it was a disaster. This was Amitabh’s last film with her and soon he started tourist campaign for Gujarat, I wonder why??

Shraddha was disheartened but tried her luck in another movie “Luv ka the end” and failed again. That movie was almost “Career ka the end ” for her. But Destiny was planning something big for her and she was offered a role in 2013 blockbuster “Aashiqui 2” . Shraddha displays her singing, dancing, emotional, happy, tensed and concerned acting skills in this movie and with a little bit help from Aaditya Roy Kapoor, makes it an unforgettable love story. Even though most credit should go to songs as its a musical (but I’ll still say it’s only SK who makes this film a hit, not the Actor or the songs.

After “Aashiqui 2” Shraddha did “Haider” (adaptation of Hamlet) and her best movie till date, even though her part in the movie is like 20%, but I’ll say that SK is the best. But after Haider, Shraddha lost her skills and her sense of selection of movies choosing movies like “Half girlfriend” , “Baaghi” and “Rock on”. All are box office bombs and some have been honoured by myself in the rants.Kung Fu Tiger(Baaghi) , (Half girlfriend) Half Acting*

Shraddha has won awards for best actress, fresh face of the year, best romantic couple, best celebrity singer and most stylish youth icon of the year for a variety of films. But if awards in Bollywood define how good an actress or film is, then remember, Happy New Year has 10 awards to its name.

Shraddha recently rejected (in a sense) an offer to star against Bahubali actor Prabhas. She asked 6 crores for the role and the producer said see you later😅.

She once changed her name on her insta profile, not her username, her own name, to Riya Somani(name of her character) for promotion of her film “Half girlfriend” that was a disaster and helped Riya to become Shraddha very soon.😄

Apart from movies, Shraddha has her own fashion brand IMARA. She isn’t worried about her movies because her side business is flourishing.

Shraddha is recently shooting for her upcoming movie “Haseena Parkar”. The trailer came out recently and looks promising and I genuinely hope the film is good as well.

Professionally(I mean that she is all of this already but the world still recognizes her as an “actress”) Shraddha could have been a very successful psychologist, a charming model, a very good singer and a very creative fashion designer. But until she insists on calling herself a professional “actress” that doesn’t seem happening anytime soon. And that’s the bottomline because THE ORDINARY REVIEWER SAID SO😎.




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