Love In Real Life

So finally the first IN REAL LIFE post. What took it so long? Well to be honest I had no idea in my mind and it took some time to find one. Anyways, better late than never isn’t it?😜

Today topic is Love❤. Those who haven’t seen my post on Love here is the link. Love  give it a watch.

1. Rain, the Tinder of romantic movies.


In movies
Name one romantic movie, purely romantic, not musical, that doesn’t have a raining scene in it. Once the guy sees a girl in rain, all wet and enjoying herself, he falls in love with her immediately. If not enjoying scene, then atleast a kissing scene in rain is a must. Just add two random strangers who have nothing in common, never seen each other or talked to each other in rain and they will fall in love.

In Real Life.
The real life scenario may be different or even shocking at times. Imagine, the heroine is enjoying herself in rain and sees a stranger staring at her, not looking, staring. She will immediately pull out her phone(which is waterproof) and call the cops. The guy gets arrested. Second situation, two friends are getting all wet in rain and enjoying there sweet time. After sometime they get bored and leave for their respective homes. Yes people, no kissing no sex, happens in real life. Third situation, both the people getting wet in rain are lovers. They forget everything else, start kissing, make love to each other right in that rain. Next day both of them get up from sleep and they have extreme fever. Both fall sick and the guy dies. Why? Because the girl had a far better immune system, stop looking for romance in everthing.

2. Stalking is fair in love.


In movies.
The guy likes the girl. The girl doesn’t give in easily beacause she is a girl. The guy follows the girl to her house, to her college, to her dance classes etc. Writes poems and songs for her and sings it to her in front of everyone. People see this and say aww, such great love. All is good. The girl finally expresses her feelings and rest is open to your imagination.

In real life.
Let us agree on the assumption that the girl has feelings for this guy. But, does her family shares the same feelings? Not at all. The first glimpse they get of this guy following their “dignity” on roadside inappropriately, they will pounce on him like a hungry tiger pounces on anything that moves. Even if the family doesn’t come in this “love scene” at all, what about the people?? They see a stalker, they will call the cops and get this guy behind the bars. And this is when the girl has some feelings for the guy, what if she doesn’t?? This stalker may turn dangerous and her life will be in danger. Love is a dangerous affair indeed.

3. The girl’s family is the biggest villian in your love


In movies
The moment the girl’s father comes to know about his daughter flirting around and having a good time with a guy, he has two reactions. One is the Bollywood style, where he immediately contacts his spies and instructs them to find a good groom for her. Second one is the Hollywood style, where the girl is immediately sent abroad to study. Doesn’t matter even if she is learning cooking, but she will learn it abroad, not in her native country.

In real life
Why can’t there be a hypothetical situation in which the girl’s family is actually happy with the relation and the opposition comes from the guy’s family. When this happens, we see that both families are in discord, but it will never happen in a movie that the guy’s family opposes the relation, never. Other thing that may happen in real life is that the daughter’s father actually wants to meet the guy his daughter chose. A cup of tea and an interview may be the first choice of parents nowadays because marriage and abroad education, both cost more than a cup of tea, don’t they?

4. Love at first sight


In movies
The girl is walking in her college with some books in her hand and bumps in the guy who probably is blind. The books fall and while picking them up there is a gentle…just a gentle…don’t get excited you dirty minded freak…just a gentle hand touch. Both the eyes meet and the boy is mesmerized by this gorgeous piece of art made by God in absolute free time and falls in love with her. That’s it. Nothing else is necessary, the boy is happy just with the looks which are sufficient to fall in love.

In real life.
Books fall. The guy picks them up, gives it to this girl. The girl says thankyou…….and leaves. That’s it. Difficult to accept? But it happens in real life. Let’s say the girl is actually pretty, even then, there will be an attraction at first sight. As they spend more time together, they will get to know each other and eventually fall in love. There is nothing called as love at first sight IRL.

5. Your boyfriend is the Macho man.


In movies.
Everything coming towards his girl, whether it be tsunami, poverty, inflation or hulk himself, the hero will stand in front of her. He will fight innumerable odds to keep her happy. I know many have already said in their minds “but my bf always does this for me” and I agree. He may be able to save you from mental breakdowns or monetary issues. But after seeing a bunch of people coming for you because you may have robbed them in the first place if he stands there to face them, then you may have to get a new bf right the following day.

In real life
Before even thinking of fighting a bunch of grown ass psychotic criminals, a sane person will either run from the situation (ofcourse, along with her gf, not alone) or call the cops. Standing there and waiting to show your powers that you acquired in the gym after a month of work-out may not be the safest thing to do if you don’t have a life insurance.



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