A day to remember

Today was the most memorable day of my life. Not because I won a medal in sports. Not because I saw an alien walking down the ramp of Washington DC. Not because I scored the maximum marks in a test. Not because I did anything extraordinary. It was memorable for me, because I spent it with someone who values me as much as I value her.

We had normal plans. We didn’t do anything extraordinary. We didn’t go to see any museums, memorials or great places. We didn’t do any extravagant party. We just spent a normal day in company of each other.

She had a lot of work, but she preponed it for me. She had a lot to study, but she managed to do it the night before. She had a very busy schedule the next day, but she made a time slot for us. She didn’t like to walk a lot, but she walked with me a mile. She never eats much, but today we ate like hungry bears. She becomes a completely different person around me. She was suffering mild headache, yet she never complained.

She told me about her hobbies. She told me about her past. She told me about the things that she likes. She told me about the things she saw as a kid, both the good and the bad. We went to a beach, but didn’t swim, didn’t get wet, just strolled along its boundary as if no one ever existed around us.

What was I doing all this time? I was listening to her and looking at her face. Not because I didn’t had anything to say. But the feeling of seeing her talk this happy, it was uncomparble, and I didn’t wanted to ruin that by initiating a dialogue.

We had food, we had icecream, we were even lost for sometime, I even thought I lost my phone once. She fell many times while walking and I taunted her on her carelessness. Most of the time I just felt like her security guard. Trying to protect her from roadside vehicles. Trying to keep her in a straight lanebeacuse she walks like a crab, always unpredictable. She had a headache but didn’t wanted to go home, she wanted to enjoy. She cancelled her shopping plans as she was tired, but she never asked me to cut short our plan and let her go home. She was having the time of her life, and so was I.

I don’t know what will happen in my future. I don’t know whether I will be successful in my life or not. I don’t know whether I will fall in love with someone or not. But I know one thing for sure. If God ever asks me to make a wish while I am alive, I will say to God that I want to live this day once more. A day with my friend and no one else. The most memorable day of our life.



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