The App Movie

Hi boys and girls.

Super Hero In Training (SHIT) here.

Ohh God. I have to try so hard to make jokes about any movie and with my college, I can’t manage to do that with efficiency. Please tell me where can I find a movie that I don’t have to put in any effort to kill. A movie that is a joke in itself. A movie worst than fifty shades darker. Where can I find a film like this??

*******thunder and lightning*****😨😨😨😨

********God speaks in a godly voice****

God: Your wishes have been answered.
“Does a movie like this exist my God??”
God: Yes, I present to you

The emoji movie


Holy macaroni. And these movie predictors were saying that Dunkirk will be the best movie of 2017 until the emoji movie is released. I mean 1.7/10. If I just get up from my sleep after 10 yrs, don’t take a bath, and go right to my college final exams, I’ll get a GPA more than this. I mean this movie just survived 0% rating on rotten tomatoes. But i know that ratings are not the correct parameter to judge a movie, so I decided to watch it myself….And now I am searching for the person who recommended me this garbage. Atleast one murder should be non punishable to everyone right… I am just saying😂.

So this movie is about an emoji “Jean” who is a Meh emoji. Now for those who actually are not single as hell and don’t chat all day and consequently don’t know what is a Meh emoji, i got you covered.

This is Jean and meh emoji


These two are exactly identical. If up you don’t feel so, you are right but still they are identical. Jean more resembles a Meh emoji that has been an Meh emoji for so long that he doesn’t enjoy being one. Bad joke right?, Deal with it🤒.

Enough of good talks. This movie is absolutely horrible to watch. And I have done it more than 5 times in the process of writing this blog. Jean is an ambivalent emoji that needs to become a Meh and hence finds a hacker… who is also an emoji…together they go to the firewall…which is an actual wall of fire.


Where are the subtle and indirect directors of Hollywood gone. Did they all see this movie and die. This is painful…Anyways, lets just move forward.

So Jean travels through a variety of emojis…sorry not emojis…a variety of apps like..

YouTube(again that ppap cringe😣😲)


Candy crush(I so much hate this game)


Ready to dance(Not at all)


They even have a dance sequence , the emoji pop


So many apps😐. And they explain the feature of each and every app in brief before entering it. Just go in and get that done mate. Plus this movie has personified everything. The internet stickers are actual moving animals


The internet trolls are actual trolls


And the climax. My Lord. In the climax the same ambivalent emoji saves entire textapolis that once destroyed it. If this was going to be the end, why not do it right at the start. This movie would have been like 10 minutes long and it would have got the rating of atleast 5. Dilwale was better than this (***just a joke, if you see that mobvie ypu will go into immediate comma and death will be your final destination.**)

In conclusion, my one word, rather one emoji review of this movie is this





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