A Tiny Monster


Kids…The gift of God. The innocent and naive species that no one can hate. Even if the most heartless person sees a kid, he will become filled with emotion and joy on the spot. This is what the men of intelligence, the men of philosophy and the learned thinkers say and I….completely agree with them. Almost every kid is good to see, good to play with, refreshing to talk to, but there are some kids who are absolutely tiny monsters. Today I’ll tell you a tale of my encounter with a monster.

So I just got free from my college and it was a fine Friday afternoon and I was sitting in a local train happily that tommorow is a Saturday, I’ll sleep till late, no college, and I was lost in my wonderland. Suddenly, a couple enters in that coach and they have a girl, about 8 years of age may be, just walking with her father taking tiny little steps at a time. This couple sat behind me and they were having their talks which I didn’t pay any attention to as I was in my dreams.

After few minutes, this girl gets up from her seat and starts roaming in the entire coach. Her parents were not paying any attention probably because they are already done with her. So she comes back after roaming and sits behind me again. And starts screaming, not shouting, screaming. “Dad, Dad, the train is not working”. Her dad was busy talking to her mum. She didn’t stop, she continued this for some time and I was already annoyed. But I didn’t say anything as she was just a child.

After some time, she went to the nearest window and tried pulling it out with extreme force, like literally. And all this time her parents were busy talking to each other. Obviously, she didn’t succeed in doing so so she started banging the window. There were only me, that couple and this girl in that coach as it was afternoon time. By this time I was angered. Like totally. But I kept my cool.

Soon the train started and I thought that’s the end of this torture but no, as if I was going to be punished for every sin that day itself. She came where I was sitting and started banging the bench. And yelling, what was it I dont know, but it sounded like a spartan war cry. I swear if this kid was alone, I would have made her cry.

After that l pulled out my laptop as I had to do some work and this girl came in and slammed it. It fell down, no damage done thankfully. This was it. I caught that girl and went to her parents who were having a great time apparently and told them what she did.

And you know what was their reaction to all this? They said “let her go, she is just a kid”. Ofcourse mate. I mean why not. Because she is a kid she is walking freely otherwise such people belong in a mental asylum. These are the things I thought in my mind but didn’t blurt them out because I am smart😂. Anyways they got down at the next station and this journey ended.

The moral of the story is, if you are a kid, you can be the most disgusting, torturing, indecorous, unkind, destructive runt and people will still look at you and say aww “let her go, she is just a kid”. Take care of your kid then. I have heard that people carry guns with them nowadays for “self-protection”. Just saying….😈. I mean no harm😉.



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