A serious post. No jokes, no puns, just a few thoughts.

What is up with human beings nowadays? I come across so many people saying that my children don’t give me time. My son has put me in an orphanage. Our son got us a new house for only two of us to live in. My son went to USA and is settled there. He sends us money regularly but we miss his presence with us. And worst of all things is some people saying that we gave our son power of attorney and he schemed to get us out of our own house.

What is wrong with us? I can understand the time thing that we as a working class nowadays have no time, not even for ourselves. We work day in and day out to earn money and in the process forget ourselves, let alone our parents. But those of us who have kept their parents in orphanages, why mate?? Is it because your parents are annoying? Is it because you don’t get enough “private” time at home when your parents are with you? Is it because you can’t handle their expenses anymore?? Or is it because you are fed up of them now??

Annoying. Do you even have an idea how annoying you were as a kid? You used to piss in your pants. You used to eat sand. You used to break your neighbour’s windows while playing and your parents paid the price. You used to do mischief in your school and your parents saved you from getting scolded. You used to loose a game and break everything you saw in you way in anger and your parents never stopped you from doing so. Do you even have any idea if your parents were like you?

What if they thought about their private time and sent to to boarding schools instead of taking care of you themselves? What if they made a house for you and your siblings to live in and grow by themselves as they had their beautiful moments with each other? What if they went to a foreign country and sent you a regular “allowance money” every year? Will that be enough?

Would you have become so “independent” if they did not make the sacrifices they made? When they bore your burden for your entire life, why can’t you bear their’s for some years? When they helped you in taking your first step in life, why can you support them in taking their last? They are not your property, they are your privilege. A day will come when you realize your mistake, go to your parent’s house or the orphanage you left them in, knock on the door in a wish to say sorry to your parents and take them home. But as that door opens, you realize that you parents are not alive anymore. You are too late to say sorry now. It’s too late for everything. Don’t let that day come in your life. Treat them with kindness as you want your children to treat you in your old age.

My final words are from a movie : ” Parents are not the ladder on which a child climbs and reaches the pinnacle and after which the ladder becomes useless, parents are the roots of a tree, however huge it may be, once the roots are cut-off, the tree is bound to fall down”.



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