Personal Blog 3

Hi boys and girls.

The ordinary reviewer here.

Oh..My..God. So many ups and down in these 20 odd days. So many things to share and excitement to bear. Without further ado, let’s get started.

First of all, lets embrace each other as tommorow, we will be completing 2 months of Movierant. I know I said this in many posts before and I’ll repeat it that people like you, yes you, are the reason why making blogs for me has even been possible. Can’t thank you all enough😘😘.

Recently I got a job, no, just kidding😂, but recently I gave an exam that could potentially help me get a job in future and I secured decent marks in it, fingers crossed for that. I have been very ambivalent in the past days getting angry on random things, feeling happy on random things and getting enthusiastic for things that aren’t even significant and bored with things that should mean a lot to me like studies😂😂. Anyways, I learnt very very important lessons form my friends like friendship (because no one tied me a friendship band on friendship day😢😢, people are so cruel nowadays), love (because apparently all of my friends are in a relationship and I am here single and writing blogs to fill the void😜), punctuality (because none of them ever reaches anywhere on time, or apparently I reach everywhere before time) and lastly but most importantly, happiness (as everyone was so happy for me scoring good marks that everyone wanted a party when they themselves never fed me even an icecream on their birthdays😅).

Made some new friends in recent days. Friends that are worth keeping for life. Strengthened the bonds with some old friends and got some friends back (forgiveness is the attribute of strong, remember??). Couldn’t contact my best friend for some time as she was very busy and I didn’t wanted to disturb her. But now she is relatively free and consequently, I am relatively happy😃.

I made some serious posts, some funny posts and some what’s that word “not up to the mark”posts. I know that you people (who follow my blog) have been searching for rants in the huge pile of blogs that I have left open on the home page. Some of you like personal and serious ones more than rants. I know its difficult for you to search for your faviourite posts and for you, I am planning to release a total blog review differentiating categories and making the blog more viewer friendly. That post will be out tommorow as it will be our two month anniversary.

After addressing the goods, let’s address some bads as well. What is wrong with you people who don’t comment on my blog and give me suggestions on social media? It’s not like I don’t appreciate appreciation or constructive criticism, but let that be on my blog comments as well. I dont mind answering everyone on Fb and insta but let the love and hate be equally distributed between social media and comments.

Also my exams are underway so if there is an irregularity in upload schedule in future then I apologize for that in advance.

With that being said, thanks to every sexy hot hunk and every beautiful gorgeous sweetheart that has ever viewed, liked or commented on my posts, given me suggestions for improvement or has just motivated me to keep writing. The ordinary reviewer will always be in debt to you and he will always love you for the same.😙😙💟💟.



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