Movierant Review

Two months. Two months of these nonsensical, idiotic, funny, sarcastic and awesome blogging. Two months of love. Few days of hate. Two months of experiments, ups and downs, change of styles, gradually increasing followers and consequently gradually increasing confidence for doing this childish thing for years to come. But most importantly, two years of constant support and motivation. I never dedicate my blogs to anyone, but this blog is dedicated to each and every person who has viewed even one of my posts and most particularly to JILL😙

Today is our two month anniversary and as promised, this is the review of MOVIERANT itself. This is the complete document of my journey in these 60 days of blogging. Also this will be my 50th blog post. 50 posts in 60 days😆 is there a record for this as well?? Who knows, fingers crossed right.🙈.

We began our journey on 13th June 2017, when I made my first blog Introduction: Because I need one. That time I had just two choices, either to do something(anything) in the time I have when I virtually had no work at all to do, or let the loneliness consume me slowly and gradually as I went into depression. I had no idea how this site works, so I put no tags, in that post and consequently, I got no views for 3 days. I was upset, but had hopes and I posted my second post No Ordinary BABY!! on 17th june 2017 that is 4 days later, as expected without tags and got no views in this one as well.

It had been almost a week now without views and I almost left blogging thinking its not my cup of tea. That night when I almost decided to quit blogging, I get a text from my friend. She asks me, shall we go to a movie tommorow? I said yes, very reluctantly and after few hours of discussion we agreed on the movie Hindi Medium and we went to watch it together. She had been friends with me for not more than a month, but we had developed a very good bond between us. The next day, I don’t know what encouraged me to do so, but I posted a blog on the movie I saw and that post isENGLISH= CLASS, HINDI=BACKWARDS?. The next day, I opened my analytics as I always did every morning and saw that I got one view on that post. I can’t describe the happiness and joy I felt seeing that view. Few days later, I saw a like on that same post and some days later I got one follower on my blog. Felt like heaven. I wanted to know what people feel about my blog, but alas there were no comments. So I shared it to my friend who I went to see movie with. And she said that I write well and this gave me much needed motivation to continue.

Till now my blog theme was movie reviews. What I failed to understand that my blog should be based around insulting movies and not appreciating them, that’s what a rant actually is. I thought a lot about which movie I hate the most and finally halted at a movie and made my first proper rant on 17th June 2017. This post Fifty Shades Of Insanitygot no likes, no appreciation whatsoever and I was again in a state of dilemma whether I should do movie reviews or rants? Anyways, I did some good movie reviews again and got decent response on every post. But the satisfaction was missing. As if it was an indication for me that I lacked something.

I decided to add something new to my already existing rants/reviews and I made the first post in conversation that is Conversations: Lets talk.. This post basically describes the difference in film making in the two industries by means of some jokes and two directors. This was my first hit post per say as it was appreciated and was very well received. On July 1st 2017, I introduced another category and made my first post on Shah Rukh Khan. This post produced magic as even the people that were not inclined to watching movies found this post hillarious.

Then I tried to make a rant for the second time, very reluctantly, and the movie I chose was Half GirlfriendHalf Acting*. There were many reasons to choose this movie one being I hate Shraddha Kapoor the actress and second being this movie is based on a Chetan Bhagat novel which is already a bad start. I shared this post with everyone and all of them without an exception appreciated it hands down. But I wanted to see someone read this post in front of me and which better person to chose than the girl who motivated me to keep moving. I showed her the post and saw her laughing this loud for the first time. After this post, she became my first real life fan and is still up to this day.

The movies and other things continued and I realized that people want to know about who I am in real life. The credit again goes to the same girl and I decided to make my first personal blog on July 9th 2017Personal Blog 1. This post did wonders, unexpected wonders and became the first post to cross the 50 views mark and is till date the most viewed post of this blog. Then came the golden day, July 10th when I posted my best, offensive and completely decimating rant on Fifty shades darkerDark Love. This was best not only as I absolutely freaking loved making it, but also because it did the job of burying the movie completely. In real life during this period I had just one friend, the same girl who I used to be with for major portion of the day. Our friendship was getting stronger day by day and I decided to make her a gift.

This gift was none other thanJACK and JILL . Not only my best work so far, but also my faviourite post forever. I wanted to release this post when she is with me so that I can see her reactions, but she is one dominating and stubborn girl and she read this post, cried and said me sorry and thankyou innumerable times in one day. For those who haven’t got the hint yet, this girl is that Jill in real life.

On July 15th I released the First month anniversary gift and on July 17th, I released the second part of Jack and JillJACK and JILL (Part 2). Thought the first part is my faviourite and will always be, I owe a lot to the second part as it saved my friendship with her that day. That is a long story in itself, but I’ll save it some other post. On July 22, I made criticizing My First Product Reviewthe toy and its pricing. I decided to touch on human qualities and made some posts about them as well. On june 27, due to my persisting anger issues I again made my Jill upset and I wrote a poem for her To my friend, with Loveand it turned out to be good and effective. Other posts dedicated to her areHow to tease your Bestie and A day to remember. Why so many posts for one girl? She deserves much more. She is my bestestestest friend after all 😜😙.

After this blog the rants and other things continued until yesterday when I released my 3rd personal blog Personal Blog 3.

Till this day MOVIERANT has 50 posts, 257 visitors, 1358 views and 23 followers and all this in a span of 60 days.

There have been many ups and downs in this blog but one thing has remained constant throughout and that is your love for my posts. Keep loving me and I will try and channel that love in my posts. I said many things yesterday itself so I won’t repeat them but still I will repeat that The Ordinary Reviewer will always love each and every one of his viewers and will always be in debt to the same. Thank you all.

If you are viewing my blog for the first time and this is the first post you are reading, then welcome to Movierant. I am THE ORDINARY REVIEWER and I make high quality content😂😂.




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