Bonechiiling horror

Hi boys and girls.

Cadbury Dairy milk silk chocolate here.

Can we all agree when I say that in this world of ambitions, nothing at all lives to the hype? Whether it be an upcoming smartphone, an upcoming novel or an upcoming movie. And movies especially, never live up to the hype. Prime example being “The Emoji Movie”. For that post click here The App Movie. This movie was hyped quite a lot. But unlike most things, it didn’t fail the expectations. Quite a good movie and highly recommended for you people if you like a good horror movie.

Rated at 6.8/10 on IMDB and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is the “Autopsy of Jane Doe”.


Well talking about hype, if you all are expecting a juicy rant on this one, this post will certainly not live up to the hype. But I will try to make it as entertaining as I can.

The plot of the movie is basically a simple one. An unidentified unclaimed dead body is found on a crime site and it is sent for an examination in an autopsy lab in a hope to find a cause of death. During the autopsy some wierd things happen both with the body and the lab resulting in the conversion of the lab in another crime scene.

The film revolves around these characters.


Well there is another one which is Jane Doe but I can’t show her pic because she is…..dead. And if I add that pic in this post, I am sure tommorow I will be left with zero followers.

This character in the movie has the best convincing/pick up line. When his gf tells him he is not getting any “action” tonight, he says to her


Now I know what popcorn is, but I had no idea what is a “sourpatch kids”, so I searched it on internet and I got this


So he is talking about plying (covering) her up in this and popcorn. Yeah…go on…let your wild imagination do the talking.

During the autopsy these coroners(Coroner is the person who performs the autopsy) have an affection of keeping the music on. That too a hard rock one. I know nothing about people that play with the dead, but if there is a worse time to play a rock music, probably this is that time. There is music playing and parallely scenes of burnt and dead bodies scrolling through your eyes as well. Not good. Also the music turns creepy when the “horror” actually decends. So that is another good reason not to play music while you cut open a dead body.

Other thing about this movie is that it has a large number of empty shots. For example

Now I know sometimes it is important for plot build up like to show how empty the place is and how scary it can be with the cameras capturing the shots and scary music in the background. But in these shots, there is nothing scary at all. Unless I am interested in buying the house, I don’t want to see the house in it’s entire beauty.

In conclusion, it’s a good movie though not a good post material for me as it is quite evident from above.But no regrets at all☺.



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