Jack and Jill(Behind the post)


Hi boys and girls.

The ordinary reviewer here.

Whatever you hot and happening people are doing just take a break from it for sometime. If you are reading this in your office, embrace your colleagues. If you are reading this in your homes, hug your beloved ones. If you are reading this while travelling, express your joy to a stranger traveller by the means of a smile. Say “I am very happy today” to the living and the dead because “Jack and Jill” has finally attained the position of the most viewed post ever on MOVIERANT. To read it click here JACK and JILL


Well it was inevitable right. It was gonna happen sooner or later because it is my finest work since the inception of this blog. Also, I did everything I could to promote this post😆. Call me selfish. Since this post went up, there have been many questions asked to me on Facebook and also in real life by my friends. So I thought what will be a better time to give you an insight of Jack and Jill than this auspicious day?

First question and the second most frequent question I have got from many people is that “Why a story, MOVIERANT should be concerned with Movies and Rants only, Right??” Absolutely right. Jack and Jill is a product of many things.

First, a person texted me on Fb that “making fun of already made movies is very easy. If you consider yourself really good in writing, try to make something original”. To which I replied saying “I don’t consider myself a good writer or even a writer per say” and I moved on. But that thing remained at the back of my mind.

Secondly, since I am not that open to many if not any person(s), there have been many questions about me as a person in many minds which they can never ask me to my face. So I wanted to give them an insight about a part of my life through my blog. This answers the most frequent question and asked by each and every person who has read this post which is “Is this real??” Yes. It is.

Thirdly and the most important driving force behind me making this post was Jill herself. She is a very good friend of mine and I wanted to give her a memorable present. All these three reasons are why I decided to make Jack and Jill.

Why the name “Jack and Jill”. I wanted two names that one hears/reads and instantly relates those two. The relation may vary person to person, here it is friendship. Regarding the structure of the post, I was very confused at the start as to what should I include and what I shouldn’t. In the end I decided it to be on my “major” interactions with girls. And the first two parts of the post are just what we say….sad. But the last one comes in as a happy ending. And all is well that ends well right?

Also this became just the starting post in the long list of “dedicated” posts to the friendship of Jack and Jill as is evident from Movierant Review . Hopefully they/we stay together forever.

In conclusion, is Jack and Jill real? Yes, it is. Am I Jack? Yes. Who is Jill? Let’s just say her name doesn’t matter much. But her qualities as are displayed in my many posts should tell you many things about who she is as a person. Shortly said, she is a very good person and a very dear and valuable friend of mine.

That was my behind the post story for Jack and Jill. It was fun right? I mean atleast for me it was. Maybe I should make some more like this.



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