Are you a Himmatwala?

Hi boys and girls.

The Night King here.


Well you know what’s the similarity between Kamran khan and Dara singh? They both are dead. And similar will be your fate if you watch this movie. Oooo…pretty harsh one right? The ordinary reviewer doesn’t respect the dead, so insensitive. Well if you want child friendly jokes…This is not the thing you want. Doraemon is coming on Hungama TV right now. Go. Watch that.


If you know anything about Sajid Khan, you don’t want me tell you my verdict to judge this movie as really really bad.

If you watch this movie and die in some days due to depression, concussion or brain hamarage, your blood won’t be on my hands.

The movie…no…not a movie, the stain in the face of movies that we will be looking into today is Himmatwala. It’s rated at 1.7/10 on IMDB…yeah you read it right in the first glance…keep reading.

Himmatwala means courageous or braveheart in Hindi.

You can’t really say a movie is up to the mark or not until you are atleast half way through. But this movie…10 minutes in it and I knew this will be more torturing than a root canal.

Here are the first 10 minutes of the movie. Right at the start there is this dance in what looks like a disco bar.


Then there is this creature who claims himself to be a disciple of Michael Jackson .


Then suddenly the bar gets transformed into a steel cage fight club.


And then to challenge the champion enters our lead hero unbending a bent steel rod.


And he successfully defeats the champion who literally looks like he will easily devour 5 people like Ravi alive. So many things in just 10 minutes people. Next level thinking.

There are so many cringe worthy points in this movie that if I just make a post on them it will probably be made in 5 parts. So instead let’s look at something more important.

Lets talk about the leads of the movie.

First is the hero of the film, Ravi Himmatwala who is very very powerful. Ravi is so powerful he can beat the justice league with one arm. Ravi is so powerful that he is the one that broke the Sphinx’s nose. Ravi is so powerful he can beat the Hulk in one on on combat. Here are some examples of the ruthless power he possesses.

Ravi turns 10 fully grown men upside down just by pulling the fabric.

Ravi fights a full grown tiger bare handed and then sits and has a nice conversation with him.

Ravi breaks a lock just by his bare hands.

Ravi picks up and throws a cart. I don’t know what joke I can make about this

If all this is not miracle, then I don’t know what is.

Now comes our actress Rekha and there is something special about her clothes. She enters the movie as a negative character who is a rich spoilt daughter of her rich spoilt father. And she wears this


I am not against her clothes, just keep reading. Rekha hates poor people and she enjoys hitting them with a whip.


Then she comes in the frame again and her clothes are like this


But after this scene, she becomes a good character. She falls in love with Ravi and suddenly becomes generous towards the poor and the needy and she wears this


Fully clothed. Does the director wants us to believe that girls who wear short dresses are evil and spoilt and to turn them good, just cover them up. Who is being a misogynist now??

Now let’s looks at some scenes from this epic drama. Just watch this scene.

Have your seen these scenes before in some other movie?? It’s the epic scene from 1960 Slasher/ thriller Psycho.

In this scene the two are discussing about who the real father of Rekha’s unborn child is. SoRavi suggests that he will go to her room and find out who the real father is. And how does he do that?? By DNA test?? No. He does that by dancing with her.


How the duck??? Is it that if Rekha is able to match Ravi’s steps, the child is truly his?? Plain braindead stuff. Or maybe in old times, this was how they determined who the father is.

In this scene a muscular 7 feet tall person hits Ravi with a sledgehammer.


Any normal person would have died but not our Ravi. He is the Himmatwala (braveheart) after all. He survives, gets up fine, and manhandles the bad guys and brings justice to his family. If this is not miracle then I don’t know what is.

This scene…..I don’t wanna say anything…just have a look.


Entertainer??? Yes??? It is a freaking entertaining movie for people who are already admitted in a mental asylum or people who are aspirants for the same. Now I had to see this movie atleast 3 times for the purpose of making this rant. And now I am feeling very sick. So if there is no post uploaded tommorow…I am probably….yeah go on…you want me dead right you heartless people. I was gonna say I may be recovering. Don’t assume me dead already. And stay away from Himmatwala. But if you notice, I didn’t tell the plot of the movie. If you wish, go watch it.



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