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My dear elders, brothers and sisters and friends. I am Mark. Those of you who don’t know me have no taste in sarcasm, comedy, or find no enjoyment in reading and certainly have no clue about this blog. Anyways, we have gathered here today to mourn a legendary blogger that is not with us anymore. He was a very dear friend of mine. Though we had our differences when it came to some particular issues, but I had ample amount of respect for that guy. Let’s pray for the deceased and hope his afterlife is as fruitful as his life was. Larry Kelley, we miss you, and you will always be alive in our hearts.



Hi boys and girls.

The ordinary reviewer here.

Yes, the paragraph is not about me. I am obviously still alive. Yeah, I can already imagine some of you heartless and sadistic people frowning as you read that last line, but you know what?? DEAL WITH IT!!๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Trust me when I say this that currently there is nothing that can make me more happier than writing “The Ordinary Reviewer here”. It feels soooooo goood to write another blog. I will answer everything as I always do. I am starting to get a feeling that this is gonna be a lenghty one, so buckle up already.

Well I uploaded my last post on 7th September 2017. Those who haven’t watched it, please do, it’s good, like seriously informative. Here Fair Use??ย give it a read. Funnily enough I got extremely sick on that day itself when I was in my college and thus began my journey of these past 7 days. So I was sick on 7th, because of which I came back home early from my college, but I recovered almost completely by the end of that night. And I was completely fit for both Friday and Saturday.

So I thought it will be a good idea not to take any more medicines as I am fine now. Saturday night, again the fever and headache kicked in and this time, pretty ducking hard. I couldn’t get out of my bed for anything. If I even managed to get on my feet, the drowziness pinned me down. And the fever made sure I remained on my bed the entire time. Only things I did all that time was eat food, drink water, take meds and sleep. You know what’s the worse part about being sick? The food. Nothing tastes like anything but a brick. A large red baked brick. And if you want to live, you need to eat it. So I did.

Anyways I was already fed up of being sick for so many days so I decided to take a blood test. So I went to a testing centre on Monday morning and the reports were due for Monday evening. But before the reports arrived, my entire fever, headache, weakness, everything vanished miraculously. Like I was feeling energetic again except the food still tasted like a brick. I said to myself that finally, it’s over….But I was wrong. The reports diagnosed me positive for Dengue antibody. So I went to the doctor and he asked me that where is the antigen?? What he meant was that the antigen that produces the antibody is missing and the antibody is present. And I asked him whether it is good news or bad?? He said it’s good. He still gave me meds for next 4 continuous days and now (this day) I am completely fit and fine and hopefully I won’t fall ill again for sometime now.

So that was my “Sick story”…But that’s not all I wanted to say. Actually this blog was supposed to be made and posted on 8th September but I couldn’t and you know the reason now. So there was some information I wanted to share.

Firstly, about the format of rants. I try to follow a standard outline as you might have noticed in my recent rants which is somewhat like this.

“” Introduction and verdict(This will tell you whether the movie is worth watching or not)

Rant (The funny/Sarcastic/ “this is what I followed for”part)

Ending (Few overused jokes when I run out of overused jokes)

So if after reading the introduction you feel like the movie is worth watching, close the post. Read it when you have seen the movie. In this way you can enjoy both post and movie properly.

Secondly, the rants don’t have plot stories now and soon they will have much lesser pics than I use currently. This is to decrease the length of my post so that I can focus on quality rather than quantity of my posts.

Thirdly, a page by the name MOVIERANT will be started on facebook shortly, so everyone is requested to give it a watch when it is finally out which I hope will be very soon.

And finally, the menu page is organized, atleast for the movies sections. So it is much easier now to find a post (but I know you won’t even see those pages) So here is another social service๐Ÿ˜‰. ย Bollywood Movies ย  ย Hollywood movies

A big, bulky, meaty, sloppy and fat THANKYOU to everyone who showed their concern when I was sick. It was a tough week. The regular uploads will resume in some days as I need to study for my tests as well as bring everything together that I left out this past week which will take some time. Thanks again and God bless you all.



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