Hollywood movies

These are the Hollywood movies I have posted about so far:

1. The Boss baby No Ordinary BABY!!

2. Fifty Shades of Black  Fifty Shades Of Insanity

3. Deadpool Just another Superhero movie?

4. The Dictator Its Aladeen

5. Sausage party Sexual references, profanity and a lot of Comedy

6.Mad Max: Fury Road Action Packed Road Trip

7. Watchmen Before Avengers

8. Fifty Shades Darker Dark Love

9. Norm of the North Polar Panda

10. Meet the blacks A racist movie

11. The Emoji Movie The App Movie

12. Gods of Egypt Game of Graphics

13. Annabelle A Dangerous Doll

14. Batman V Superman A tale of two Martha Boys

15. Alice through the looking glass A Bad Movie??

16. Autopsy of Jane Doe Bonechiiling horror