Are you a Himmatwala?

Hi boys and girls. The Night King here. Well you know what’s the similarity between Kamran khan and Dara singh? They both are dead. And similar will be your fate if you watch this movie. Oooo…pretty harsh one right? The ordinary reviewer doesn’t respect the dead, so insensitive. Well if you want child friendly jokes…This […]

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Jack and Jill(Behind the post)

Hi boys and girls. The ordinary reviewer here. Whatever you hot and happening people are doing just take a break from it for sometime. If you are reading this in your office, embrace your colleagues. If you are reading this in your homes, hug your beloved ones. If you are reading this while travelling, express […]

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Bonechiiling horror

Hi boys and girls. Cadbury Dairy milk silk chocolate here. Can we all agree when I say that in this world of ambitions, nothing at all lives to the hype? Whether it be an upcoming smartphone, an upcoming novel or an upcoming movie. And movies especially, never live up to the hype. Prime example being […]

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A Bad Movie??

Hi boys and girls. Captain Jack Sparrow here. Whenever I searched for biggest box office bombs or biggest flops of 2016 on the internet, one movie caught my attention in particular because it was in each and everyone’s list. The biggest flop, the biggest bomb, the worst movie of the year. So I thought that […]

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When was the last time you said to someone that you are happy? Do you remember what the reason was for your happiness? Is there a particular thing or a specific person that makes you happy? Are you happy right now as you read this post? Does reading my posts makes you feel happy? What […]

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A tale of two Martha Boys

Hi boys and girls. The royal city of Karth here. The greatest action movie of all time. A legendary movie of 2016. God vs Man. Unparalleled plot. A hate story of two legends. These are not titles for a play. These were the words that were used to hype this movie before its release. After […]

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A Dangerous Doll

Hi boys and girls. Ghost rider here. A major proportion of you have already assumed this is a post on “Annabelle Creation”. It’s not. This is my word on “Annabelle” released in 2014. Now I have watched the successor as well as you might know from this postA horror movie in an Indian theater . […]

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