A serious post. No jokes, no puns, just a few thoughts. What is up with human beings nowadays? I come across so many people saying that my children don’t give me time. My son has put me in an orphanage. Our son got us a new house for only two of us to live in. […]

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A Tiny Monster

Kids…The gift of God. The innocent and naive species that no one can hate. Even if the most heartless person sees a kid, he will become filled with emotion and joy on the spot. This is what the men of intelligence, the men of philosophy and the learned thinkers say and I….completely agree with them. […]

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The App Movie

Hi boys and girls. Super Hero In Training (SHIT) here. Ohh God. I have to try so hard to make jokes about any movie and with my college, I can’t manage to do that with efficiency. Please tell me where can I find a movie that I don’t have to put in any effort to […]

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A day to remember

Today was the most memorable day of my life. Not because I won a medal in sports. Not because I saw an alien walking down the ramp of Washington DC. Not because I scored the maximum marks in a test. Not because I did anything extraordinary. It was memorable for me, because I spent it […]

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Love In Real Life

So finally the first IN REAL LIFE post. What took it so long? Well to be honest I had no idea in my mind and it took some time to find one. Anyways, better late than never isn’t it?😜 Today topic is Love❤. Those who haven’t seen my post on Love here is the link. […]

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Toys review

Hi boys and girls. Jumping, rolling and climbing plastic chimpanzee here. Well there are a lot of toys in this world. Toys that are big, toys that are small, toys that have a definite shape, toys that are abstract.Toys that are not age specific, toys that are targeted towards a certain age group. Toys that […]

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